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Our mission at Sunnystep Fitness is to provide the best fitness knowledge grounded in our core beliefs: wellness over performance, form over fancy, and facts over fads. After sustaining a traumatic postpartum spinal injury caused by a wrongly taught Pilates class, Ting needed the most comfortable shoes that could provide stable support to her injured spine. She founded Sunnystep, a modern footwear brand that sells shoes designed to minimize stress to the feet and the body. People love our shoes, but we think there is more we can do. In today’s world where people sit for long hours and stare at their screens all day, we feel an urgent need to share information on how to move our bodies in the right ways. Learning how to move our bodies will help us reduce instances of pain and injury and improve our strength and mobility so that we can move freely and happily. In every issue, we feature interviews with fitness experts from all walks of life who have knowledge and stories that we think can benefit a wider audience. 

Our founder's story


Why I started Sunnystep

On the 3rd of September in 2018, I took a private Pilates class that would change my life forever. I had just given birth to my daughter four months prior to the class. Given the round-the-clock breastfeeding and constant carrying of my baby in my postpartum, I started to feel mild pain in my lower back muscles. Later I discovered that I had a small tear in my lower spine after doing a scan with a spine specialist. Although I managed to recover quickly and became symptom-free in a few weeks by working closely with a physiotherapist, I was still upset that my body was not.....

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